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Who is The Non Dairy Fairy?

Meet Mikaela, the recipe developer and founder of The Non Dairy Fairy, Inc and Fitness Fairy.

Pieces of Chocolate


This little site has been a dream of mine for quite some time. It houses all of my favorite things under one roof — from vegan desserts, to hosted events, to fashion + athletic wear, to travel and story telling — I am extremely pleased to welcome you all inside my fairy bubble, thank you for being here. 



Mikaela is a self-taught baker who first entered the restaurant and cooking scene in 2014 while working as part of the team to open Seagrape, a restaurant inside of the luxury Thompson Hotel with Celebrity Chef Michelle Bernstein. After spending two years at Seagrape, Mikaela learned both the savory and pastry side of fine dining. Mikaela left the Miami Beach establishment in search of a restaurant that shared her values with a plant-based focus.


She received her Raw Vegan Food Chef Certification and was first donned the nickname, "The Non Dairy Fairy", while working as the sole baker at the South Florida plant-based eatery, Greenbar and Kitchen. The Non Dairy Fairy's chocolate chip cookie won The Great Vegan Cookie Challenge in 2016 and has been served in local South Florida restaurants for the past three years.

What we do

The Non Dairy Fairy creates delicious, allergy friendly desserts free from milk, eggs or butter. The South Florida-based brand serves as a wholesale provider of ready-to-bake, vegan desserts for restaurants, hotels and caterers. In addition, The Non Dairy Fairy offers customized cakes, cupcakes and other desserts for private events as well as donut delivery on Sundays.  


With veganism and plant-based eating on the rise, many traditional restaurants are accommodating veggie and gluten-free entree options. However, chefs are not always able to create vegan and gluten-free dessert options, leaving those with dietary restrictions deprived of a sweet, after dinner treat! The Non Dairy Fairy aims to complete the dining experience by providing easy dessert solutions made with simple ingredients. 

Our ready-to-bake desserts are currently available at select retail locations in South Florida and will be nationwide in late 2020, with more vegan friendly products coming soon. 


The Non Dairy Fairy also specializes in creating customized cakes, cupcakes and other desserts for private events. The brand recently launched a new donut delivery service on Sundays. In addition, Mikaela is available for speaking engagements on health, wellness and plant based topics, as well as consulting services to help refresh, renew, and rejuvenate both personal lifestyles and restaurant menus. Contact Mikaela directly for more information. 

Our Values 

Our products are always vegan with gluten-free and nut-free options. Our products are free from preservatives and additives. We are a brand created to make change in a sustainable and responsible way. We believe nothing is black and white and pride ourselves on cultivating a non-judgmental environment. We believe in educating consumers on the environmental and health benefits of plant-based living. We believe in creating a culture that is inclusive to all.  

Health + Wellness

We approach health and wellness with an open mind, and define 'healthy' as an overall state of wellbeing.  Our aim is to promote positive and environmentally aware lifestyles. We provide healthy living tips and unique ideas to live your very best life! 


body | mind & soul

Our physical appearance is a daily thought. We look in a mirror everyday but tend to forget to look inward at our selves.  Our belief is that at the end of the day, this is what matters most. We want to help nourish the soul!  

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Recipe Share

Some of the best moments, laughs, and memories happen over the dinner table. We believe there is a connection between the food you put into your body and how you feel. We also recognize that wholesome, real food is the foundation for a strong body and mind. 

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travel diary

Wanderlust: a strong desire to see the world. If you were born with the travel bug, nothing gets in your way - not time or money, not a job or family. As a traveler, you discover new beautiful places with different cultures you may have not been aware of. We want to inspire travel by sharing stories and trips.

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