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We approach health and wellness with an open mind, we define 'healthy' as an overall state of wellbeing.  Our aim is to promote positive and environmentally aware lifestyles. We provide healthy living tips and unique ideas to live your very best life! 

Pumpkin Soup


People are often looking to answer: "How to do it it all?" Our belief resides in a spiritual practice. Our physical appearance is a daily thought, we look in a mirror everyday but we tend to forget to look inward at our souls and this, at the end of the day, is what matters most. We want to help nourish our souls!  

Wednesday and Barbados flashbacks 💎_•_•


Wanderlust: a strong desire to see the world. If you were born with the travel bug, nothing gets in your way, not time or money, not a job or family. As a traveler, you discover new beautiful places with different cultures you may have not been aware of. Here we want to inspire travel by share stories and trips.



Some of the best moments, laughs and memories happen over the dinner table. We believe there is a connection between the food you put into your body and how you feel. We also recognize wholesome real food is the foundation for a strong body and mind. 

Baking Croissants
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