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Honeymoon Destination: Thailand

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Visiting Asia was on my bucket list of top destinations. Thailand was the perfect haven for us to recharge and revere in our wedding bliss. It was picture perfect and dense with lush greenery and scenic jungle vibes. For our detailed and complete itinerary, click here.

We landed in Bangkok and headed straight to Kanchanaburi in West Thailand. While there, we stayed at a floating hotel off of the River Kwai. This oasis was the ultimate place to relax, hike waterfalls, float down the river, zip line, get massages and unplug - quite literally as there was no electricity at the hotel (the view of the stars at night was heart-stopping). One of the humblest moments we had on our entire trip was while visiting the village of the local Mon people.

Our next stop was Koh Samui which had everything you need for a luxurious wellness getaway.

Planning a trip of your own? View our detailed and complete itinerary, here.

We spent our time in the paradise that is Koh Samui, dinning at exquisite restaurants, getting massages, going on adventure tours, and exploring the spirited and lively nightlife. We made new friends and danced all night on white sand beaches along side an extraordinary light and fire show.

Next, we flew North to Chiang Mai, an ancient city that is as beautiful as it is diverse. While there, we wandered along the dazzling night market and indulged in the sensational and vibrant street food that was available at every turn.

The food in Chiang Mai was some of the best we had in all of Thailand. The food in Thailand's North is predominantly earthy, meaty and rustic, relying on ancient techniques and obscure ingredients. Some of Thailands most delicious foods derives from the North, it is a world away from Thai cuisine found in the US and even differs from the food found all over Thailand. It was here that we took a marvelous cooking class.

We were so excited to meet and interact with elephants while in Thailand but we wanted to be make sure we did so in an ethical and constructive way. We spent a memorable Christmas day volunteering with rescued elephants.

Our day trip to Chiang Rai to visit the Wat Rong Khun or (the white temple) was another bucket list item, checked off. This temple was easily the singularly most extraordinary and remarkable temple we toured. Absolutely breathtaking.

Thailand has the most incredible energy. We left feeling blessed and serene. I believe traveling and experiencing cultural diversity helps to experience life in different ways.

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