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What Does Plant Based Eating Look Like?

For many years, I went back and forth attempting to commit myself to a vegan lifestyle. After finally shedding the internal and external pressures I found that my body type does not thrive with those dietary restrictions.

A huge misconception that comes with vegan or plant based eating is that there is nothing flavorful or fulfilling to eat. This is simply not true. For plant based eaters, the spectrum falls with consuming 80% plants (fruits, vegetables, grains and beans), and only 20% animal products (meat, dairy and eggs). 20% equals one and half days per week or four meals in seven days. For vegans, there are hundreds of fruits and vegetables, dozens of varieties of beans, mushrooms and grains that provide endless combinations of textures, appearance and flavors. However, there are several essential vitamins and nutrients you cannot get from plant sources alone.

What exactly do I eat? Firstly, let’s start by being honest: eating healthy doesn’t always come ‘quick’, ‘easy’ or ‘cheap’ - otherwise we would all do it, all the time. It takes planning, prepping, grocery shopping, and cooking. *sigh/ eye roll* Now, let’s take a look.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs* are an easy go-to but I encourage you to challenge yourself with a tofu scramble. Done properly, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Do it for the gram, do it for the motherf ****ing gram! With enough granola, fruit and/or nuts on top, smoothie bowls can be not only beautiful but hearty, nutritious, and filling. Or, try simplicity at its best: avocado toast!

Lunch: What belongs in a lunchbox more than a sandwich? Just ditch the deli meat!

Meal prepping can be a real b*tch, right? Bon appetit can help you out with, “How to Meal Prep a Weeks’ Worth of Lunches in 2 hours” (they are all vegetarian).

Dinner: The recipe blog, kitchen treaty, speaks my language with over 500 recipes. More than 100 of them are one dish made two ways, veg friendly and/or carnivorous**.

*when buying eggs my preferred option is to get them directly from a farm.

**there is no much thing as humanely raised meat. Buy responsibly, from a local farm when possible, or get to know your local butcher.

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