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November Meditation: 7 Affirmations

As we move towards the end of this life-changing year, it's important to practice self love and grounding. The holiday season comes with a lot of mixed emotions, as people are usually traveling, seeing family, spending money--obviously, with everything going on this year, these may not be the case for you.

Whatever your plans are this holiday season, closing out the end of the year comes with a lot of reflection and waves of emotion. It's most important to practice these 7 positive mantras to inspire self-love and grounding.

Upstate New York, photo by Emily Dosal.

I Am Light, I Am Love

I am grateful for the beauty and love in my life.

Even if you feel this love is from you and you alone, embrace that.

I am in control of my happiness.

I am a beautiful and important part of our universe.

Everyday, I am manifesting my greatest dreams.

I will feed my spirit kindness, patience and love.

My body is attuned to my highest purpose.

Scotland, photo by Emily Dosal.

Remember to breathe. We love and appreciate you!

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