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Maca root superfood powder

Powered maca root is a feel-good hormone balancer!

Maca has a mild earthy taste and is usually available in powder form. It is packed with adaptogenic properties that promote "feel good" endorphins and strengthen the body so it is able to better resist disease and stress. Maca gives you an energy boost and helps to make people feel more "alive". With a calcium content higher than milk, this is a very nutrient dense superfood. It contains 20 amino acids and over 30 different vitamins and minerals.

For women, consuming maca and its restorative properties can assist in balancing estrogen and progesterone levels. Balancing the estrogen to progesterone ratio in the body is essential to achieving and carrying a healthy pregnancy.

Although there is no official recommended maca powder dosage, it’s best to start out with about one tablespoon (in powder form) daily and work your way up to two to three tablespoons spread throughout the day. Because maca is known for increasing energy and stamina, many people like to take it before exercising to get a burst of extra energy.

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