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Cha-cha-cha Chia!

Chia seeds have an extremely high concentration of nutrients.

These little seeds are high in fiber, full of copper and omega-3 fatty acids, (chia seeds contain MORE omegas 3 than salmon!) Omega 3 are essential for keeping your heart and brain healthy. Chia seeds also contain a decent amount of niacin also known as vitamin b3 which is needed to convert food into energy. Niacin helps improve the function of the skin, maintains heart and brain health. 

Chia seeds also provide phosphorus, which our bodies need to maintain strong bones and teeth. Another huge plus for anyone with an iron deficiency IRON, two tablespoons of chia seeds boosts your iron intake by 12%

Chia is the Mayan word for Strength, these seeds have been around since 3500B.C. It is noted that the Aztec warriors used chia seeds as a staple their diet to boost energy and increase stamina. If its good enough for warriors, its good enough for me!

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