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The Non Dairy Fairy, It's A Lifestyle

I am the founder of The Non Dairy Fairy, a brand created to make change in a sustainable and responsible way. We believe nothing is black and white and pride ourselves on being an educational and non judgmental company.

Living a healthy, balanced life doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite things (I am not asking you to give up sweets). Can't live without red meat? (I wouldn't dare tell you to deprive yourself). Go for it, but in moderation.

Welcome to my lifestyle page where I want to share what it means to be plant based and how you can live a wholesome and truly ‘healthy’ lifestyle without labels or guilt. I feel it is slightly controversial that I own a vegan friendly dessert company, however, I myself am not vegan. The Non Dairy Fairy creates delicious, allergy friendly desserts free from milk, eggs or butter because you don't need those things to enjoy chewy cookies, fudgy brownies, or fluffy cake.

The facts are clear, [1] “avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet as an individual.” | [2] “A plant based diet is the only diet proven to prevent and reverse heart disease.” | [3] “Billions of animals raised for food suffer under inhumane conditions on industrial farms.” By sharing this information my goal is to educate individuals on the environmental and health benefits of plant based living.

So, what is a plant based diet? Check out my plant based post here for a detailed description of what exactly I eat and how I cook for my family.





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